Saturday, October 14, 2006

Too Fatz

Thanks to Sarah for the tip on Too Fatz. Like the sign says the food here is well priced, just be careful of the extras they tend to bump up the price. It was good having the choice of small or regular sizes costed accordingly. Chris joined the review team today and gave this one the thumbs up for a recovery breakfast.

While Chris told us about his trip away we finished up the begal and poached eggs (perfectly acceptable), Sauteed mushrooms on Turkish with a side of avocado (great pan flavours coating the mushrooms), Bacon with poached egg ontoast. N's bacon was particulary crispy, also the seeded mustard on the toast under the egg worked nicely.

Too Fatz gets a 8 out of 10 for food. The menu threw up a number of choices from a nicely put together classic breakfast menu. Yet again we didn't try the coffee. N loved the iced chocolate, definately one for the chocolate lovers, with sticky fudge coating the inside of the glass (ready for an industrial cleaning. Jed's still wins on atmosphere. Two Fatz didn't quite get there, once again the street frontage lets it down. Maybe this is too harsh.
The food is good, fuelling us for the remaining morning wondering through Hall Street and Campbell Parade shops. Two cozy's for me (oops but the shop assistant was very good) and two CD's for N. All in all a good morning.

Too Fatz - Gould Street Plaza (leads onto Campbell Pde), Bondi Beach

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Anonymous said...

I used to work there, the Kitchen is infested with mice and cockroaches, much alike the rest of Bondi..