Sunday, November 04, 2007

Breakfast at home

Dear readers,

Before stepping out this morning to breakfast camera in hand I opened the fridge door for no particular reasons and saw that we had some stuff that would make an ok breakfast. There was some great chicken and fennnel sausages, left over asparagus, mushroom pasta salad and I boiled an egg, you couldn't get much easier than that - and it turned out to be quiet tasty.

It can be just as nice to stay in set up the table, make a cup of coffee/tea and read the paper without having to get dressed. N didn't mind staying in - more time in bed for him.

Next week I will get back to you from the streets. Any favourite places you can suggest for the perfect breakfast - email me on

Sunday, October 28, 2007

paddington | Grind

With N in bed sleeping off last night and me only feeling slightly less shabby (mainly because I didn't see the sun come up) I headed off for a solo breakfast. Not wanting to go to far I headed to an old favourite - Grind on Oxford Street Paddington. No worries about getting a table this morning, but then you never really have wait.

Settling in with a chai latte which was perfect (I know the coffee is great here so no need to test run that). My water is filled up by Grind's timeless host. Grind wouldn't be the same without her smooth efficiency and easy manner.

Moments later breakfast arrived, smoked salmon, philly cheese, capers and rocket on turkish bread, with a segment of lemon on the side..yum. The salmon bright and tasty with firm texture and cut to a perfect thickness (about 3mm). Not tricky but with a squeeze of lemon and strategically placed caper, a great mouthful.

The rest of the menu reflects Grinds simplicity and it is done well. Other favorites are the BLT and the egg and bacon roll with barbecue sauce and caramelised onion or else you can choose a classic bacon and eggs done to your choosing.

Time to drag myself away from a great value breakfast spot and get some dinner ingredients from the world's most expensive grocer - then that's Paddington.