Saturday, September 30, 2006


SB set off to Toby's on Claire's recommendation, who also happened to be heading in the same direction.

The highlight is definitely the coffee, smooth without any jarring bitterness. Organic Fair Trade approved so we don't have to feel guilty about who picked the beans. N wins the best pick of breakfast with the Agoffagato. It felt to uncool to take a photo of it, you will just have to try it, double espresso with pistachio gellato. Rich and creamy is the best description N will provide, maybe the double shot has short circuited his vocab.

Food wise the tip is to get there before 12 we Claire made an early call for the last remaining egg and bacon roll with hollandaise, N and I had egg and bacon toasted sandwich with yummy runny eggs. No cooked breakfast if that is what you are after.

You can also buy Toby's specially blended and packaged tea and coffee.

Tobys - Cnr Manning & Macleay Street, Potts Point.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jeds Bondi Beach

We sit down and hear a Latin remix of Smooth Operator playing which aptly sums up this place. Always reliable, good service when it matters, easy going and helpful, a great barrista who keeps the coffee coming out in good time. Goood soy too for those who prefer it.
Eggs Benny was well put together with glistening poached eggs (can't do this at home), creamy holandaise, toast, spinach and a side of mushrooms - "flawless" N says. N & I usually share cooked breakfasts but this time we got two half serves which was the perfect amount. This morning I had old favourite when you can't decide what to eat, BLT. The dressing was perfectly tangy balancing the saltiness of the bacon, add some avocado for extra indulgence and enjoy. Yum. Love the juices too, try the Baby Jay for a lift if you're not choosing coffee.
Perfect for catching up with friends - child friendly as well.
Jeds: Cnr Glenayr Ave & Glasgow Ave, Bondi Beach


Eggs Benny (full serve)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What's this blog is about?

Hi the Sydney Breakfast blog is for people who live in the east and inner west, to identify the best local breakfast places. It's created somewhat in the SB team's own interest, so we can avoid regretting spending valuable Saturday mornings with a dissapointing breakfast.

This idea started from a particularly tragic experience from a previously reliable local (for food not service) - Cafe Nicky's. Some time back it changed chefs or owners and the food did not resemble anything like breakfast. Don't get me wrong SB is not entirely conservative when it comes to breakfast however, there are certain boundaries, especially to eggs benedict. An all day breakfast spot that does a good eggs benny and coffee is worth another visit. Key assessing criteria includes great coffee, a menu that gives you the basics done well plus a few surprises, easy going on the attitude, also it will slip just under the radar of the highly fashionable (it is saturday morning afterall).

So the SB team want to encourage you to write in and add recommendations so we can all get some real time reviews of what's good around town.